Peace and Protection

Welcome to Peace and Protection. Pai had to change priorities and most likely will not continue working on PnP.
Because PnP is Pai's work and something she was very proud of, and the fact that she's probably not comming back to work on it, the script will not evolve beyond what it is. We will attempt to fix the bugs that comes along, and try to make it work, but there will be no new features.
If we add something or make a new feature, it will be released as separate downloadable addons, but it will not be shipped with the main script archive.

Please visit the PnP section for Peace and Protection information and downloads.

Latest News

Version 4.22.10 is released. (2023-09-21)

One of our long time maintainers WildCraze, also known as Craze passed away on May 17, 2022.

New translation available: Dutch/Netherlands.

The code is now maintained on Github.

As of Sunday October 21 2012, the support channel #peace&protection has moved to EFnet. We got fed up with Undernets unstable servers, the undernet channel is hereby closed.

Peace and Protection is used in episode 6 in the first season of the TV series The Scene. :-) The .avi file is the original, which have best quality.

A new forum is now online.

The html code is now valid html 4.01.

Script Updates

Converted all files from ANSI/chcp 1252 to UTF-8, and added Unicode support to regular expressions in functions.

Fixed XDCC.ptm bug that prevented translation from working properly.

The old exploit was apparently not completely fixed. It should now be fixed.

The Splash screen is back! We have fixed all known bugs, and the script is back to what it was when 4.22 was released.