What is i²? Well, it's an interesting script for mIRC I've created. Although it's another 'full' or 'general' script, it's not intended to replace Peace and Protection, but instead be an alternate choice for those who prefer slimmer or less complicated scripts.

Pai's goal was to create something a lot smaller, and a lot easier to use. Simply unzip this to your mIRC directory, and type /load -rs i2.mrc in your mIRC, and work from there. Full docs are included. Note: Make sure to unload your default mIRC popups, if you have any, as i² will not do this for you.

It may be only 30,000 bytes, but it does more than many other scripts she have seen. (of the general type.) It won't dazzle you with huge popups, tons of ASCII, or lots of external programs, nor are the features elaborate, but all the basics are there, and you might be surprised at how useful yet simple it is.

Try it, you might like it. :)


Some features include- sound system, away system, notice rerouting, notify address checking, fkey shortcuts, lots of quick alias shortcuts, channel protections, event sounds, nicklist coloring, userlist for immune or banned users, nick completion, clone detection, pinging and whois enhancements, and clean, basic popups, among other things.


  • Up untill version 1.07 the script was one file of exactly 30,000 bytes, the original limit for a single mIRC script file.
  • The documentation was exactly 60,000 bytes, just because she could.
  • Up through version 1.05, the zip file itself was exactly 30,000 bytes. She decided this was taking it a little bit too far and stopped wasting her time tweaking the zip. ;)
  • As funny as it may seem, this script is not a joke. It's a serious attempt to make a script that covers all the basics you will need, without any excess junk.
  • It won't die if you unset all of it's variables. (although you will lose your settings)
  • It tries to be compatible with other scripts.
  • This is a good alternative script for people who find Peace and Protection to be too overwhelming, confusing, slow, or big.
  • (note to script newbies- you aren't supposed to load this AND Peace and Protection at the same time)
  • Remember to unload any generic popups you have (such as the default mIRC popups) as if you don't, you'll have lots of extra popups you don't need.
  • As you can see, few updates to this script are being made, mostly just to correct minor bugs or glitches. This is designed to be a generic, simple-purpose script, not a script that grows and gains neat little features over time. (That is what PnP is for.)