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Server does not recognize | command

John0877 - 28-2-2009 at 15:52

i get this message 12 times everytime i start mIRC.

i dont know where itd be coming from as ive searched the various mrc files and the symbol shows up everywhere so i dont know which ones are causing the issue.

it doesnt do any harm its just kind of annoying is all.

edit: also get this 2 times every time i join a channel

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kap - 27-9-2015 at 17:52

Please be more descriptive in describing what happens on your system. Pictures are welcomed. In this case, I'd recommend you re-install Peace and Protection:

Install the latest version of mIRC (7.43) and exit it if it's running!
1) Back up your %appdata%\mIRC folder by renaming it mIRC.old
2) Create a new %appdata%\mIRC directory
3) Download PnP 4.22.6 and unzip + copy all folders and files to %appdata%\mIRC
4) Start mIRC and type /load -rs script\first.mrc
5) Yes to the initialization warning
6) Import your profile from your old mIRC directory: Menu > PnP > Configure > Profiles... > New profile > (import settings from another mirc or pnp) > Manual > Browse to %appdata%\mIRC.old