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[INFO] Fresh install with recent mIRC versions

craze - 28-11-2008 at 13:22

This post is an answer to a couple of anonymous visitors on IRC that seem to have related issues. I don't watch the channel all day, but pop in to catch up now and then. And usually this means most people are long gone when I get around to see any questions.

From v6.3 and onwards, mIRC changed the way it installs itself on a system. While the limited documentation for PnP is still valid, it's subject to interpretation.

At one point the pp-readme.txt says to unzip or copy all files into your mIRC directory. If your mIRC installation is new as well, the mIRC folder in question is different from the installation path.

Two and a half different ways to proceed: (Pick one)
1. Logokey + R (Start -> Run) and type: %APPDATA%\mIRC
2. Inside mIRC, type: //run $mircdir
3. Copy mirc.ini from above folder to where you installed the software.

1 or 2 should take you to the folder where files are supposed to be extracted. Number 3 forces mIRC to think it's an old installation and it will use files in its own folder like it once used to do.

Good luck! d-(",)z

solbu - 3-1-2010 at 20:26

The documentation are now updated with this information. The zipfiles are also updated with the new text files. :)

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