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kap - 19-8-2019 at 15:02

Created a new weather script (addon) for Peace and Protection. File is: WEATHER.PPA
You can obtain it here:

You'll need three things:
1) an API key;
2) SReject's JSON For mIRC;
3) mIRC 7.52+ ($caller)

Place the WEATHER.PPA addon in your addons\ folder and run
/addon i addons\weather.ppa
in PnP.

If you run mIRC 7.56+ the script will use $urlget and $zip to download and install JSON For mIRC automatically.

Script will respond to on TEXT !weather but this can be changed. Specify your own trigger with:
/`set weather.trigger !your-trigger

After the script has been installed, a configuration dialog pops up. Here you can specify what networks the script responds to as well as wether you'd like the channels to be white or black listed.

Whitelisted: Only respond to the channels that are listed.
Blacklisted: Respond to all channels on the network, but ignore the ones that are listed.

You can select what information the script ought to display.

Have fun!